• Yummy Rummy

    Rp 111.000
    StirUp Yummy Rummy syrup with a robust flavor that captures the essence of golden rum. It has a creamy and delightful finish that will leave your taste buds satisfied and craving more. Whether you're adding it to a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing cold cocktail, the irresistible taste of this rum-flavored syrup
  • Bring exciting new flavors to your specialty drink menu with our StirUp ‘Witty White Grape’ flavoured syrup! Its bright, fruity flavor will complement your beverages without overpowering them or being too sweet. Featuring a perfectly balanced blend of juicy grapes with a crisp tartness that is sweetened with pure cane sugar, one drop of this superior syrup goes a long way, making it the perfect choice for iced teas, sodas, and cocktails, or even baking! How witty!
  • The StirUp ‘Terrific Tiramisu’ Frappe Powder is a special blend of coffee, cocoa, and cream designed to provide the classic flavors of tiramisu in a convenient and easy to use powder format. With its high quality ingredients and specially formulated recipe, this powder allows you to create a variety of delicious and refreshing drinks with the familiar flavors of the classic Italian dessert.
  • Subtle Sour Plum

    Rp 111.000
    A playful combination of sour tanginess and subtle fruit flavors StirUp Subtle Sour Plum with its signature smokey, earthy flavour, the fermented, lighty-salted sourplum will surely tickle your tastebuds. You can mix it with soda, sugarcane or other fresh juice for the ultimate thirst quencher! Blend to give that added nifty and subtle twist to your favourite cocktails!
  • Springtime Sakura syrup is a flavour syrup inspired by the season of spring, and particularly by the blooming sakura, or cherry trees. The flavour is sweet, creamy and fragrant. It is perfect to sweeten tea, coffee, or milk. Try it in your favourite recipes and enjoy the unique flavour of Sakura at any time of the year. To enjoy the classic flavour of Stirup Springtime Sakura, all you need to do is follow our serving suggestion, pour a generous amount of the syrup 20 ml stir it up with water 100 ml.
  • The perfect balance of sweet and salty, sure to tantalize your taste buds! Stirup Salted Caramel Syrup starts off creamy and melts on your tongue, and then the salt gently takes hold, providing a subtle, yet flavorful burst of flavor. The balance of the two flavours will have you hooked and wanting to keep sipping your favorite beverage. To enjoy the classic flavour of Stirup Simple Salted Caramel, all you need to do is follow our serving suggestion, pour a generous amount of the syrup 20 ml stir it up with water 100 ml.
  • Silky Strawberry

    Rp 111.000
    StirUp Silky Strawberry syrup contains the luscious flavour of fresh strawberries that is sure to delight your senses. Easy to use and provides a consistent taste every time. Our StirUp Silky Strawberry is the perfect ingredient to add a burst of flavor to your creations. Don't settle for mediocre desserts, indulge in the ultimate strawberry experience with StirUp Silky Strawberry. To enjoy the classic flavour of StirUp Serenade Lemonade, all you need to do is follow our serving suggestion, pour a generous amount of the syrup 20 ml stir it up with water 100 ml.
  • Royal Tamarind

    Rp 111.000
    The deliciously tangy and sweet taste of tamarind makes it one of the most popular ingredients in middle eastern cuisine. Known for its tart and sour taste, tamarind also provides multiple health benefits. StirUp Royal Tamarind has a sharp, predominantly sour, and tangy taste with hints of sweetness. Such a complex and unique flavour to elevate your drinking experience.
  • Evoking the creativity of craftsmanship inside every baristas and bartenders in a remarkable way! StirUp ‘Remarkable Red Velvet’ is velvety, sour, smooth buttery with rich cocoa and a luscious red color. The exciting flavour of red velvet with its enigmatic and enticing aroma, that will enrapture your heart.
  • Precious Pomelo

    Rp 111.000
    Ah, the sweet and tangy taste of Stirup Precious Pomelo, a refreshing tropical vacation in your beverages! The aroma of the citrus blend is strong and invigorating, making it perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day. Citrusy note that lingers on the palate. To enjoy the classic flavour of Stirup Precious Pomelo, all you need to do is follow our serving suggestion, pour a generous amount of the syrup 20 ml stir it up with water 100 ml.
  • This moment of pistachio love! Real roasted pistachios make this mouth-watering treat a flavor to go nuts over! – in which seemingly everyone is reaching for pistachio – flavored treats in an effort to find some morsel of joy and indulgent in a weird world that’s only getting weider and playful, huh.
  • Perky Pineapple

    Rp 111.000
    Add a tropical twist to your drinking experiences with StirUp ‘Perky Pineapple’. StirUp ‘Perky Pineapple’ ensures a fresh and authentic pineapple taste. The sweet and juicy flavor perfectly captures the taste of ripe pineapples, while the aroma combines tropical fruit with a hint of sweetness. It can be used in both hot and cold beverages, as well as a variety of food applications. Stir a splash to your iced tea for a refreshing twist, mix it into your favorite cocktails for a tropical twist, or use it to flavor your coffee or hot chocolate for a sweet and tropical pick-me-up to light up your day. So perky that you can do cartwheels around! Stir Up ‘Perky Pineapple’ also can be used to add a tropical flair to your desserts, such as ice cream or yogurt, or drizzled over pancakes or waffles for a sweet and fruity breakfast treat.


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