• Ambitious Almond

    Rp 111.000
    Do you have a relentless sweet tooth? We’ve got you covered! StirUp Ambitious Almond is ambitiously nutty! Which packs a huge punch of almond flavour. With a sweet, woody, and buttery aromatic with floral and fruity notes sending your taste buds soaring! Want a little tip? StirUp Ambitious Almond can also be used in shakes, cocktails and even on food, so the experiences never stop!
  • Awesome Avocado

    Rp 155.400
    Get that extra layer of smoothness of avocado with StirUp ‘Awesome Avocado’ creamery frappe base. StirUp ‘Awesome Avocado’ frappe powder is an essential ingredient in making a frappe, and it gives your drink the luxury of being creamy on top and melting slowly on the inside.
  • Our luxurious and bewitching blackforest Frappe Powder is a full of flavour and its a must for warm days! The soluble frappe powder that allows you to create tasty drinks quickly and easily. It awakens the senses and evokes new flavour experiences like none other.  
  • StirUp Blissful Blueberry likes to show off its deep purple hues and complex taste of mild sweetness with hints of tartness—a delicate blast of berry.  Ripe blueberry aroma coupled with delightfully juicy blueberry flavor will have you reminiscing about your favorite homemade, jams, muffins, and more. This syrup will bring the essence of ripe blueberries to any cocktail, smoothie, dessert drink, tea, lemonade, soda, or even stands alone. You'll be daydreaming about popping freshly picked blueberries into your mouth with this blissful Blueberry.
  • Made by the best quality and the most brazen palm sugar! Production is based on heritage and ethnicity as it is minimally processed thus called natural sugar. The flavour of StirUp Brazen Palm Sugar is reminiscent of caramel and may have a smoky flavour and butterscotch note. Great to use for baking too. This StirUp Brazen Palm Sugar has a distinctive rich coconut-like fragrance and is just perfect for desserts.
  • Briliant Biscuit

    Rp 155.400
    Turn a classic biscuit into an iced drink with StirUp ‘Brilliant Biscuit’ Frappe Powder. This frappe powder adds a tasty nostalgic twist to any frappe. Our range of StirUp Frappe Powders are easy to use and make the perfect iced drink every time. Combine with our syrups, to make unique, seasonal iced drinks or classic frappe flavours for all year round!
  • Charming Cheese

    Rp 155.400
    A small scoop for this charming creation! Jump on the frozen drinks trend, the flavour that unleashes your creativity! StirUp ‘Charming Cheese’ is specially designed to complement the entire StirUp flavour desire range and to create a perfectly balanced drink. It is made with carefully selected ingredients to match premium quality standards, which its perfect for frappe, granita and slushy.
  • Amarena Cherry is mostly grown in summer, the most cheerful season! StirUp ‘Amarena Cherry’. It’s a luxury touch to intensifying the flavor of desserts and cocktails. A drizzle of StirUp ‘Cheerful Amarena Cherry’ syrup can add a little extra burst of flavor to desserts that aren’t very sweet or have a distinctly creamy flavor. Like classic New Style or San Sebastian cheesecake; vanilla, chocolate, or coffee-flavored ice cream or gelato; homemade pancakes, or even your morning oatmeal.
  • Clever Coconut

    Rp 111.000
    Cleverest of the Clever! It has a refreshing, tropical flavor that is reminiscent of the beach and sun. slightly sweet and nutty flavor, with hints of vanilla and an earthy taste. This flavour is one of the most popular among people of all ages, both men and women, and can be combined with other flavors and fragrances.
  • Cool Cucumber

    Rp 111.000
    StirUp Cool Cucumber is an excellent bright and breezy summer flavour. It has cool flavours that add a nice light vegetal note to a number of cocktails. Its approachable and delicate flavours and aromas that tastes divine when added to other beverages. Our StirUp Cucumber can be muddled into a cocktail to introduce some cucumber flavour or made into a delicious flavoured tea, introducing some amazing essences as well as some much needed sweetness into any of your favourite cocktail recipes.
  • Crazy Chocolate

    Rp 155.400
    A classic flavour, StirUp ‘Crazy Chocolate’ Frappe Powder is the best choice as a base to any frappe! Deliciously sweet and smooth, this Crazy Chocolate frappe powder is the perfect canvas for adding a multitude of flavours. Can be a crazy tasty flavor for your shakes, frappe, and of course, smoothies! Each stir and mix of StirUp opens a new universe of tastes!
  • With the newest creation in StirUp Creative Cream Cheese flavours. Create unique beverages with a tantalising twist, fusing a range of robust cheese flavours with a blend of sweet, creamy, buttery and umami notes for an unbeatable taste experience. Enjoy this savoury


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